Your Key To A Satisfying Financial Future

Hey there! My name is Annie M. Yang. The M for my middle name stands for Margarita. (I was mistakenly named after an alcoholic beverage on my birthday.) I would rather the M stand for “Money” though. I love talking about money so much that it should be my middle name. Annie Money Yang has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

I am an idealist, a money coach, a public speaker, and the author of 1001 Ways to Save Money: Quit Flushing Your Hard-Earned Money Down the Toilet.

I have been put on this planet to inspire, teach, and empower individuals to pursue and achieve their financial goals—whatever they may be.

What I stand for when working with my clients:

Freedom: I believe everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions. I never make anyone feel guilty about his or her spending habits. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. The same analogy applies to personal finance. I cannot force anyone to do anything, but I can give guidance and advice. I lay all the cards on the table and let you decide for yourself. So don’t worry. I am not like a nagging mother.

Open Dialogue: When it comes to money, I do not hold back and neither should you. I encourage you to speak up your current situation. I want to know your story and I want to help. I will be very honest and frank with you.

Integrity: I walk the walk, not just talk the talk. I would never recommend or promote anything that I have not tried yet myself or anything I do not fully believe in. You will know where I stand. When given the choice between making extra money or helping my clients, my clients always come first. I believe relationships come first, not profit. I have your best interest at heart. You can trust me to always deliver what I promise.

Accuracy: I am obsessed with tracking every single penny and you will be too after working with me. I do not round up or round down. When it comes to money and numbers, accuracy matters.

Realistic: I may be an idealist, but I am also realistic. I do not work with hypothetical examples. Everything I teach is based on real-world stories and examples. I once met a public speaker that gave a presentation on how to become a millionaire with a $60,000.00 annual salary as a single adult in Lubbock. His idea sounded great! Too bad the per capita income in Lubbock is only $24,168.00. His numbers were triple the average. I am much more realistic with my numbers.

Why you should hire me to help you or your organization:

Simple: Everything I teach involves easy arithmetic—no algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or calculus nonsense. If you can do 5th grade level math, you can successfully manage your own money. If you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide and can operate a basic calculator, I guarantee that you can learn everything I teach.

Fun: I have a strong passion and enthusiasm for personal finance, which shines through every time I teach. I can make personal finance interesting and you will develop a curiosity for this subject during your time with me.

Practical: Unlike what you would find in a traditional school setting or curriculum, what I teach can be applied to your everyday life. I bet you cannot remember all the things you learn in high school or in college, but you will remember my lessons in personal finance. That is because I teach about behavior and habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life. I myself remember how I disliked learning abstract concepts in school because I could never connect them to real life and wondered why I was wasting my time. With me as your personal finance coach, this is not something you would have to worry about.

Here are just some highlights of what my past clients have said about my work:

A Financial Peace University class that I taught in 2016.

“Annie Yang’s Financial Workshop was instrumental in securing a stable future for me and my future family. She provided me with a roadmap and simple steps to follow so that I could begin my journey to a financially stable future. She organized the workshop into four easy steps, provided clear directions, and graciously answered all of my questions.”
—Shoshana N.

“I learned an invaluable skill when Annie taught me personal finance. And with Annie, I had fun learning it. Think of your favorite teacher—that’s Annie. She is the type of person who could make eating your vegetables fun. I always hated numbers and keeping things organized, but those are the type to things Annie enjoys. Her personality is infectious, and after working with her, you too will learn to joys of budgeting, saving, and paying off your debt.”
—Brian R.

“Right before I took this class I felt it was impossible to save any money because my pay was irregular but today I feel much happier. I’m still in the baby step of building my emergency fund. The program’s budgeting forms are so simple it makes learning how to save pleasurable. I had assumed that if I saved, I couldn’t be able to enjoy life. I thought that I was just a poor spender, and would forever stay that way.”
—Ailsa W.

“To know her is to love her. From the moment I first met Annie I was impressed. She is intelligent, hardworking, and down to earth. She cares about people and is passionate about living a debt free life. She comes well prepared for each class and goes above and beyond.”
—Colleen O.

“We now have a sense of discipline toward money and understand the fact that there were many misconceptions that we bought into such as ‘debt is a part of life.’ At this point we have paid off $1,000 of our debt and in the next four weeks will pay off about $10,000 more. We are excited to see how our lives will change when we no longer have to make these monthly payments.”
—Liz & Nick D.

“She impressively thought of the box during our sit down, thanks to Annie’s tips and recommendations I went from paying over $145 monthly for cell service to now paying only $20.”
—Andrew V.


So what are you waiting for? Visit my Services page to see which service would be best for you or your organization.

I look forward to working with you in the near future.