Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer private financial coaching?

A: Sorry, I used to but not anymore. I serve society better by focusing my energy on helping as many people as possible on a large scale. This entails making videos and writing articles/books, rather than helping one person at a time.

Q: Can you talk about investments?

A: No, that is not my expertise. Consult with a fee-only certified financial planner. Fee-only compensation is the way to go because it ensures transparency and objectivity. Search the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors website for a fee-only advisor.

Q: How can we sponsor your YouTube channel?

A: Please contact me. Pitch me your financial product or service and I will give it some consideration. There are a lot of financial scam artists nowadays and people don’t know who to trust anymore. Please know, my name and my reputation are all I have, and I treasure it with my dear life. If you offer a product or service that aligns with my values and helps my audience too, I will absolutely endorse your company with my full commitment.