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Buyer Beware

Always research before you buy anything. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Some people look to make a quick buck off you. If something a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you feel uncomfortable with a purchase, it’s probably not right for you.

Tidy Living Room Filled With Furnitures
Buyer Beware

How I almost gave $1,400 to a Craigslist scam artist

Greetings everyone! Several years back, my parents told me a news story that I still think about from time to time. A landlord had given a prospective tenant an apartment tour. The tenant signed the lease, paid one month’s rent and security deposit, and…

June 30, 2018
Budget Forms With Cup Of Paperclips
Buyer Beware

So-called “Financial Planning”

A few days ago, I met up with a colleague and we were chatting. During our conversation, he asked me what I wanted to be a few years from now. As a society, we place too much attachment to our career as our identities.…

June 26, 2016