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College Finances

I tested out of my college courses to save money. I got my associate degree from my local community college. And I went to an online college for my bachelor’s degree where I tested out of 30 credits. These posts are from that period of my life where I explained which resources I used and how I studied for those exams, in case anyone wants to replicate my success.

Top View of Graduation Mortarboard and Diploma
College Finances

My Thoughts on Testing Out of College

It’s been four months since I started my 18 Month College Challenge and I decided to give an update of my experience so far. So far I accumulated 55 credits in my first year of college. That means I have 65 left to complete.…

September 29, 2016
Bare Feet On Books
College Finances

How I Studied for the Psychology CLEP Exam

I took the Psychology CLEP exam two weeks ago and passed with a 72 out of 80. Passing score was 50 and I got three college credits. I spent one week preparing for this exam because I was about to go on vacation and didn’t…

August 30, 2016