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Philosophy & Mindset

Managing your money is more than just crunching the numbers and getting the math right. There are certain philosophies and mindsets you must adopt to succeed with money. Your mind is your greatest resource. Your mind creates the world around you. So, stop what you are doing now and think, what beliefs about money do you have that simply don’t serve you?

Philosophy & Mindset

How to Get Paid Your Worth

How much do you make? How much does someone else doing the same job as you make? How do you know you are being paid a fair wage for your skill and for the amount of time you’ve been at your current job? Have…

November 15, 2018
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Philosophy & Mindset

The Real Cost of Work

How great would it be if we could all make money in our sleep? Assuming Bill Gates slept 7 hours last night, he made $9.66 million in his sleep. Bill Gates makes so much money that if he were to drop a $100.00 bill…

March 31, 2018