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My Review of TESU’s Lifelong Learning Strategies Course

August 4, 2016

TES-100 Lifelong Learning Strategies is the cornerstone for Thomas Edison State University. The course is mandatory for all students and is worth 1 elective credit. I completed this course in only two days time. It was basically like an orientation or an overview on how to navigate through the school’s website to find what you need. I learned more about the school in general. Something I learned was that the majority of the students are parents who work while pursuing their education. I like that the school is supportive and makes it easy for people who have other commitments. I also learned about school policies I otherwise would not have known and about the different ways to earn college credit online.

The course also recommended several great resources. I learned a lot about effective distance learning strategies.

UW-Madison Writer’s Handbook

Purdue OWL

The English Community

Khan Academy

The Critical Thinking Community


Free New Jersey State Library Card

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