Janani Srinivasan

March 22, 2020

I was an international student living off my savings and my father’s money. Due to my immigration status, my job paid for my tuition only. Saving money seemed a far-fetched goal, but I wanted financial independence from my father.

Annie meticulously took notes as we discussed my financial situation. Since saving money was out of the question, Annie only wanted me to track and categorize every expense. I thought that would be easy. It was tougher and scarier than I thought! By month-end, I realized I spent $50 on takeout coffee to enjoy with my colleagues. I started drinking coffee brewed in the office and meal prepping my lunches.

Annie never questioned or judged what I spent my money on. She focused on monitoring and streamlining my tracking habit. Then she taught me how to spend money only on things that truly bring me happiness and value. I still keep a list of five core values inside my wallet as a reminder before I buy anything.