Annie's book has improved life for my wife and our 3 kids. We've always been astute financially but self-confidence impacted career which spiraled into varied financial miscommunication, but her writing's clarity and brevity, her life story's authenticity and credibility have inspired and turned us from middling to succeeding once again. Forever, we thank you.
Richard Chen - Brooklyn, NY
I was an international student living off my savings and my father’s money. Due to my immigration status, my job paid for my tuition only. Saving money seemed a far-fetched goal, but I wanted financial independence from my father. Annie meticulously took notes as we discussed my financial situation. Since saving money was out of the question, Annie only wanted me to track and categorize every expense. I thought that would be easy. It was tougher and scarier than I thought! By month-end, I realized I spent $50 on takeout coffee to enjoy with my colleagues. I started drinking coffee brewed in the office and meal prepping my lunches. Annie never questioned or judged what I spent my money on. She focused on monitoring and streamlining my tracking habit. Then she taught me how to spend money only on things that truly bring me happiness and value. I still keep a list of five core values inside my wallet as a reminder before I buy anything.
Janani Srinivasan - Lubbock, TX
Annie’s tips were incredible. A step-by-step method for debt reduction, savings, and spending. She set me towards a mindset I inculcated into my life and a few weeks later, results are coming in. Thanks again, Annie.
Offordile Kanu - New Jersey
Annie did some very impressive work in my case. We went through my expenses and wrote out a budget. Annie showed me what to cut and what to change in my spending. She impressively thought out of the box on alternatives I could use. I went from paying over $145/month for cellular service to now paying only $20/month. We can change our spending behavior and improve our financial status. Annie puts it together on paper and teaches you how.
Andrew Vega - Chicago, IL
Our victories are our change in mindset. We now have a sense of discipline toward money and understand misconceptions like, “Debt is a part of life.” We paid off $1,000 of our debt. In the next four weeks, we will pay off $10,000 more. We feel excited to see how our lives will change when we no longer make these monthly payments. This discipline spilled over into other aspects of our lives, including healthier diets, more time in the gym, and more time volunteering.
Liz and Nick DeMarco - New York, NY
Annie Yang showed her concern when she called me on the weekends to check my progress and answer any questions. During the classes, I felt comfortable sharing my needs, problems, and successes. In this way, Annie encouraged me to move forward.
John Coffey - New York, NY
Annie Yang demonstrated poise and ability to begin and end meetings on time. She would relate to us with her personal experiences. Most impressive was that Annie began to lead me to financial freedom on her 21st birthday.
Anne Marie Coffey - New York, NY
To know her is to love her. Annie impressed me with her intellect, work ethic, and down-to-earth personality. She cares about people and is passionate about living a debt-free life. She comes well prepared for each class, going above and beyond. Annie calls between classes to check up on your progress. She also contacts experts and researches to give sound answers to questions. She walks the walk, as well as talking the talk!
Colleen O’Dea - New York, NY
I held myself back with false beliefs. If I save, I can’t enjoy life. I can’t save because I’m poor and will stay that way forever. I spent based on emotions rather than spending based on need. I spent most of my paycheck, sometimes overspending and accruing overdraft fees. It was impossible to budget and save money because my pay was irregular. I feared and avoided making budgets. Annie taught me how to save money and prevent getting into debt. Now, no matter how irregular my paychecks are, I find ways to save money and make my dollars stretch farther. Her budgeting forms are so simple, it makes saving money pleasurable. I’m still building my emergency fund but today I am much happier.
Ailsa Wu - New York, NY
Managing my finances was a chore I avoided. I hated numbers and staying organized. This mindset was not working. My financial situation was like a messy, unattended garden that I was not proud of. Things changed after Annie taught me how to budget and keep track of every penny I earned and spent. I am taking control. I am saving for retirement and paying off my debt. With Annie, I had fun learning this invaluable skill. Her enthusiasm is unnatural. Her personality is infectious. Think of your favorite teacher—that’s Annie. I encourage you to work with her.
Brian Rapsey - New York, NY
Annie gave me a simple roadmap to securing a stable financial future for me and my future family. She opened my eyes to all the details that I was neglecting. My fiancé and I weren't completely honest with how much money came in and went out. I now have the tools to open the lines of communication between me and my partner. She amassed the information and materials necessary to take charge of one’s finances. She was organized, thorough with clear and concise directions. I am truly thankful for Annie’s knowledge, patience, and honesty.
Shoshana N. - New York, NY
Annie Yang is enthusiastic and passionate about helping people struggling with their finances. Annie has created a thorough budgeting system that makes sense and is easy to follow. Her techniques include figuring out how many hours one spends working to buy that much-wanted item. Annie shares her own story of financial success openly and is easy to talk to. Her teaching style is organized. Time well spent.
SallyJo Jackson - Lubbock, TX
Meeting with Annie has been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve made. I was unconscious about my financial issues. Now I know what is going on and how to solve it. She listens, advises, opens your eyes, builds a budget for you. She made me realize I spend money that I don’t have on things that I don’t need. I went from paying $168/month for my mobile phone to pay $19/month. I wish everyone would see her potential to save lives.
Ana María Herrera - Boston, MA