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Leading My First Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Class

Wow! This post is definitely late. I was in Chicago for pretty much more than half my week, so I didn’t have much time to write. Last Wednesday, I held my first class for Financial Peace University. Everything went better than I expected.

I actually held a free introduction to the course on the week before that. I only had one person show up and I was disappointed to see that passing out flyers was just really ineffective and a waste of my time. The man who showed up on that night was in his 50’s. He told me that his financial goal was to just generally be more financially free and independent by the time he turns 65, so then he won’t have to worry so much about making money. He does plan to continue to work well past that age, until he physically can’t anymore.

I expected that man to show up for the first day of the actual course. He gave me his word, and I did remind him twice via text and email, but he was a no show. And that’s okay. I realize now that quality of members matter more than quantity. I would rather have fully committed members who truly want to transform their financial lives for the better, than have members who go through the motions of showing up and complete the course without their heart fully in it.

I have two bright, intelligent ladies officially taking this course. I never met either of them. They found out about it through the internet. It seems like nowadays, internet marketing is the way to go. The ladies already knew about Dave Ramsey and had been listening to his radio show for a while. They completely agree with the financial principles that he teaches and wants to take this class for the accountability to provides, and it’s in their neighborhood.

I’m so glad that their heart is in the right place. There was no need for me to convince them that this course is truly valuable and will change their lives. They saw it already without me trying to push an agenda. When I get more business clients, I guess it will be the same way. Those who see the value I provide will go ahead and pay for my coaching, and those who don’t will simply move on with their lives.

Along with their heart being in the right place, they are mentally strong and pretty disciplined. One woman is going through a divorce, which is causing her financial distress, but she was able to save $33,000 before all of this happened, and she’s planning out how to pay for her husband’s debts. I mean, how amazing is she?! She has a lot of discipline! The other woman has no debt and wants to terminate her lease, save up to buy a car in cash, and have financial independence.

Lord, I am so grateful that you have put the two of them on my path. I am meant to help them and I was excited to be the pillar of support that they need!

Financial Peace University

Promoting Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Course

I am coordinating Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course in Long Island. After giving a speech at Landmark, someone offered to give me an office space at The Source Mall to rent for free to host this course. I am so grateful and I believe this is the work of God’s grace helping me move forward with my career.

The course starts September 30, 2015 and will be held on Wednesdays for nine consecutive weeks. I have less than two weeks to promote this to the public and I have a free introduction I would like people to attend on next Tuesday evening.

My sister and I worked together to design and make copies of fliers to hand out to people around the mall, and today I went to the mall to promote Tuesday’s event. Now this is Long Island, so everyone drives a car everywhere. Handing out fliers there isn’t really the best way to market this, but I don’t know what’s the best way to go about doing it.

In the end, I stood outside of Trader Joes, because everyone needs to buy groceries and there was a lot of foot traffic there. People didn’t read it and they just threw it straight into the trash or left it in their shopping cart. Eventually a manager came and told me they don’t allow solicitations right outside the store.

I felt really anxious, upset, disappointed, and disempowered. I am out there committed to people having financial peace and empowerment, becoming the masters of their money. And I don’t get compensated for this. I do this for free, because this is really how I want to help the community.

This course changed my life and it laid the proper foundation for my good financial principles and habits. It’s taught me frugality and I have avoided so many common mistakes people make with credit card and debt, and it got me to financially be in the position to quit my job without fear.

I’m having a breakdown in empowerment. I’m coming up against this roadblock, because I see people just brushing this kind of opportunity off like it’s insignificant, like it doesn’t matter. I’m absolutely certain everybody needs this and would benefit from this kind of training.

I know – this is only day 1 and things can be better later. What happened today is not the future because the future is always uncertain. It’s for me to create. I just feel really discouraged. I logically know and understand that success is never overnight – it is achieved through baby steps over time.

I did manage to have meaningful conversations with two strangers today. One man seems really interested. He already knows a lot about insurance, but the course covers many different topics and anything related to money, he would love to learn, especially for business. I like this mentality.

Another man works at the Walmart nearby. He was on his break so I spoke to him. It turns out that he’s works in carpet installment, but took up a part time job at Walmart for extra money. Now he’s the perfect example of the people I want to transform. I want to get these kind of people to the stage where they won’t need to work a second job and put in so many hours for money. I hope these two men I spoke to can come to Tuesday night.

Well this is what happened today. Right now, nobody knows my name and don’t want to seek my help in money. I want people to later on think of me as the first person to go to for help. I want to transform the community and the world at large. It’s such a difficult process, even just stepping out of my comfort zone and handing out these fliers right now is difficult for me. I’m so scared of what people think of me.

But I guess that’s why no one ever does it, because it’s so difficult to succeed as a self starter or as a public speaker that people don’t even want to try. But I suppose if this kind of rejection is what I need to go through constantly to get what I want, I need this kind of experience for my resilience in future environments where I am in the face of adversity.